Why “Repeat until blessed…”?

Now there’s a question.

The first, and obvious, answer is simply because it’s my approach to blogging. Keep plugging away at it, and one day, someone other than your friends and cyber stalker will read it.

The second answer deals with an area of interest that I hope to address occasionally here; contemporary Christian worship music. In that context, “Repeat until blessed…” becomes less a motto, and more of a musical instruction, one which is increasingly popular – keep going round the chorus until a) we remember the link passage to the next song, b) the keyboard player finds the next song, c) people start to sit down/leave or d) the preacher starts the sermon.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. In the right service, with the right song and the right band, this can be a wonderful, worshipful experience. As a musician, I enjoy this opportunity to stretch out a bit, flexing my bass muscles (less enjoyable on trumpet), and concentrating less on what comes next and more on who we’re worshipping.

On the other hand, not everyone appreciates the space. Some people, myself included if I’m not playing in the band, can find these extended vamps wearing, and an initial feeling of worshipfulness can soon evaporate into boredom, distraction and frustration.

So, where do you stand on “repeating until blessed”?


One thought on “Why “Repeat until blessed…”?

  1. Bit like a Jazz band that can’t get out of a tune in the final tag. – Someone needs to take the initiative to lead an ending: rall, or final unison phrase, or something! The problem is when no-one feels that they should take the lead – British Politeness perhaps?…

    We are assuming that the players are fully aware of the whole room though….

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