Parenting Challenges – Part the first.

Our son Will is nearly 9 months old, and has brought the first really major difficulty for me as a parent.

Sleepless nights? Pah. I start really waking up at 10pm.

Nappies? Easy!

Feeding? He takes after his parents. He likes his food.

No, the challenge involves walking…


Someone likes walking…

Not the helping him learn to walk, that’s just back strain and general exhaustion. It’s the changes around the house that are challenging, especially… gulp… re-organising our DVD collection.

We have hundreds of DVDs, which I have taken great pains to organise, all in alphabetical order. In one small bookcase, we have TV shows, followed by children’s TV shows, with a special shelf for 30 Rock, Seinfeld, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and The X-Files.

In the large bookcase sit our feature films, again, alphebetised. Following those are the few music and stand-up comedy DVDs we own, and the blu-rays.

Becky’s (very sensible and logical) plan is to move the small bookcase upstairs, then clear the bottom rows of the large bookcase out, and use them for Will’s toys. I approve of this plan, mostly so that I can get to the windows again without tripping over various plastic coloured “things”. However, how do I do it?

I have three options;

  1. Choose only the DVDs that will be watched frequently. Box up all the rest. Downside; what happens when I decide I’d like to watch Children of Men or Adaptation again?
  2. Choose the DVDs that both of us enjoy. Box up all the rest. Downside; all my favourites will get boxed up. Bye bye Blade Runner (all 5 versions), adieu Alien, so long Star Wars and ciao, um, Batman.
  3. Choose only the DVDs with suitable BBFC ratings for Will, U and eventually PG. Box up all the rest. Downside; both of the above (with the exception of U rated Star Wars).

Of these options, I believe number 3 to be the most sensible, parental and practical solution. When we want to watch something that isn’t U or PG, we’ll dig it out of the currently-unspecified-storage-solution once Will’s in bed.

Which option would you go for?


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