How do you plan your Sunday service?

For the past few years, Becky and myself have been fulfilling the role of “music team co-ordinator” for our church. Essentially this means that we are responsible for the organisation and implementation of musical worship, including sorting out rotas, calling and leading practices and, in my case, leading the music during Sunday services.

It looks like I know what I'm doing...

Me, in action.

At the moment we’re taking a sabbatical from this role, partly to re-charge, and partly to work with the church leadership in re-defining our role.

As part of the latter, we have emailed selected family and friends of ours involved in music in other churches to ask the following questions;

  • Describe the process of how your Sunday service is put together. (Who starts the process week by week, who chooses the songs, who leads the service in the morning, etc…)
  • Who is responsible for the musicians; Musically? Pastorally?
  • Describe the position of the Worship Leader /  Director of Music in context of the leadership of the church. (Are they part of the church leadership? Who are they accountable to, if anyone?)

Hopefully, this will give us an idea of how to proceed with our positions once our sabbatical is over.

If you’re involved in church leadership in any way (or even if you’re not), how would you answer these questions?


2 thoughts on “How do you plan your Sunday service?

  1. I’m a minister. I choose the hymns to match the theme of the service. The organist/pianist has freedom to play the “mood music” and to choose a tune if the one in the book is unfamiliar and I don’t have any thoughts either way.

  2. Marv – Saw you at CyberSoul.
    In services I direct, I pick the music. The lectionary decides the theme. Rector usually signs off without changes. ck out my site for more info. SC

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