Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – The Script

Or, at least, how my colleague Phil thinks it should go…


SUPERMAN: (Calls out) “Father.”

JOR-EL: (Appearing from the mist) “My Son.”

SUPERMAN: “I am filled with a great sorrow. In my battle with Zod, many innocents were killed. How can I make amends for this?”

[Jor-el takes a small red bundle from a compartment in his armour ]

JOR-EL: “These are the trunks of penitence. You must wear them to cover your shame.”

SUPERMAN: “I shall wear them – always.”

[Jor-el begins to fade back into the mist.]

 SUPERMAN: “Oh, father.”

 [Jor-el fades back in, slightly annoyed.]

 JOR-EL: “Yes?”

 SUPERMAN: “I have encountered a human called Batman.”

 JOR-EL: “Dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner…”

 SUPERMAN: “Yes, That’s him. He’s really pissed off about the innocents… and the mess and everything. I don’t think the trunks will be enough to appease him.”

 [Jor-el takes a small rectangular object from another compartment in his armour; a plastic DVD case. He hands it to his son.]

 JOR-EL: “If he troubles you again, show him this so that he too will know the meaning of shame.”

 SUPERMAN: “But father, who is ‘Daredevil’?”

 JOR-EL: “Sorry son, got a flood to deal with.” (Dissolves into the mist).


Even money this is better than the finished article, especially if Man of Steel was anything to go by…


One thought on “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – The Script

  1. Fabulous! The trunks were the whole reason for Supes moral wrestling. I spent the whole film saying that Superman just isn’t right without his pants. The Pants of Shame!

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