5. Afro Celt Sound System – Volume 1: Sound Magic


5. Afro Celt Sound System – Volume 1: Sound Magic (1996)

1. (a) Saor (Free) / (b) News from Nowhere
2. Whirl-y-Reel 1 (Beard and Sandals Mix)
3. Inion (Daughter)
4. (а) Sure-As-Not / (b) Sure-As-Knot (Jungle Segue)
5. Nil Cead Againn Dul Abhaile (We Cannot Go Home)
6. Dark Moon, High Tide (including Farewell to Eireann)
7. Whirl-y-Reel 2 (Folk Police Mix)
8. House of the Ancestors
9. (а) Eistigh Liomsa Sealad (Listen to Me) / (b) Saor Reprise

Who are Afro Celt Sound System?

According to Wikipedia, Afro Celt Sound System is a musical group which fuses modern electronic dance music with traditional Irish and West African music.

Why did you buy this album?

This was bought for the sake of completeness (as we will find a few albums appearing on here have been). I’d already got the following two albums, and thought getting the debut would be a good idea.

What’s it like?

It’s actually fairly dull. I’m not a huge fan of electronic dance music, and it’s this influence that takes the lead over the more interesting traditional Irish and African styles on this album.

After listening to it now, do you still like this album?

Yes and no. I generally like the group’s sound, and when the traditional music elements kick in together, this album has the potential to be really good. Unfortunately, these moments are few and far between, with EDM taking the lead. I’m not quite willing to listen to so much dance music just for those few moments.

Any stand-out tracks?

Sadly, no. They all tend to blend into one another.

Rating out of 10?

A disappointing 5/10.

Next up: Afro Celt Sound System – Volume 2: Release


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