34. Bat for Lashes – Fur and Gold

Bat For Lashes - Fur And Gold

34. Bat for Lashes – Fur and Gold (2006)

1. Horse and I
2. Trophy
3. Tahiti
4. What’s a Girl to Do?
5. Sad Eyes
6. The Wizard
7. Prescilla
8. Bat’s Mouth
9. Seal Jubilee
10. Sarah
11. I Saw a Light

Who is/are Bat for Lashes?

Not Barenaked Ladies! I know, I can’t believe it either…

So, to Wikipedia; “Natasha Khan, known professionally as Bat for Lashes, is an English singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.”


Why did you buy this album?

I’ve been a dedicated listener of BBC6Music for some time now, and Bat for Lashes seems to be a favourite on that station. Having heard ‘Prescilla‘ fairly frequently around the time this was released, and later ‘Daniel‘ nearly daily once the follow-up album, ‘Two Suns‘, came out, I decided I liked what I heard, and thought I’d give the then two albums that comprised her discography a go.

One visit to Amazon later, and both were shortly in my hands for the price of one…

What’s it like?

Wikipedia describes this album as ‘folktronica’, which is essentially electric folk. Not sure I’d put it that way.

This album comes across as a mix of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Björk, yet still with its own unique sound.

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

It’s still a good album, though I do occasionally confuse it with the follow up (a curse of the simultaneous two album purchase). There are a couple of tracks that just breeze past me, and it does get a bit tiring more than three listens; unfortunate for the sake of this blog, as I’ve had to hear it quite a bit over the last few weeks*!

Any stand-out tracks?

Opener ‘Horse and I‘ never fails to grab my attention, and I really like ‘Sad Eyes‘ and ‘I Saw A Light‘.

Rating out of 10?


Next up: Bat For Lashes – Two Suns

* I’ve been on holiday since the last post. Every time I listened to this album, something else then interrupted. In related news, our eldest son likes the Beatles…


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