43. Bellowhead – Broadside

Bellowhead - Broadside

43. Bellowhead – Broadside (2012)

1. Byker Hill
2. Old Dun Cow
3. Roll The Woodpile Down
4. 10,000 Miles Away
5. Betsy Baker
6. Black Beetle Pies
7. Thousands Or More
8. The Dockside Rant / Sailing With The Tide
9. The Wife of Usher’s Well
10. What’s The Life Of A Man (Any More Than A Leaf?)
11. Lillibulero
12. Go My Way

Who is/are Bellowhead?

As they are now sadly defunct, we go to the old bio on the Twitter page; ““With the exception of the Who, Bellowhead are surely the best live act in the country” The Independent. WE PROUDLY SUPPORT FOLK AGAINST FASCISM.”

While I hugely applaud the sentiment, not entirely sure the BLOCK CAPITALS were necessary…

Why did you buy this album?

Having established a liking for this band, all it took was a hearing of “10,000 Miles Away” for me to add the then forthcoming album to my Amazon wishlist. Thanks to my wife, it did not sit there unpurchased for very long…

What’s it like?

It more of the incredibly energetic, flawlessly arranged, exuberantly performed folk I’ve come to expect. Unlike ‘Hedonism‘, there’s no mid-album lull to get past, and every track has something new to hear on each listen through.

To my ears, the production is better than ‘Hedonism‘ too, though that could just be because I’ve charged my Bluetooth headphones since yesterday…

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

This is probably my favourite Bellowhead album, at least the favourite Bellowhead album that I own*. It’s more consistent than it’s predecessors, and keeps my attention though-out, no mean feat!

I also find myself singing along to a few of these tracks too; fine when I’m on my own in the car, but I get some funny looks in the staff canteen…

Any stand-out tracks?

The one original tune ‘The Dockside Rant/Sailing With The Tide‘ is great, as is ‘Byker Hill‘ and ‘Roll The Woodpile Down‘.

Rating out of 10?


Next up: Ben Folds Five – Whatever and Ever Amen

*I’ve still not got first album ‘Burlesque‘, fifth album ‘Revival‘, or ‘Bellowhead Live: The Farewell Tour‘. Oh, and my copy of ‘Matachin‘ is still in someone else’s hands…


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