48. Blur – Modern Life Is Rubbish

Blur - Modern Life Is Rubbish

48. Blur – Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993)

1. For Tomorrow
2. Advert
3. Colin Zeal
4. Pressure on Julian
5. Star Shaped
6. Blue Jeans
7. Chemical World
8. Sunday Sunday
9. Oily Water
10. Miss America
11. Villa Rosie
12. Coping
13. Turn It Up
14. Resigned
Commercial Break

Who is/are Blur?

To Twitter (@blurofficial); “Alex, Damon, Dave & Graham. New album ‘The Magic Whip’ out now. Get it on iTunes.”

That’s a step up from the usual album sales bio, as we at least get the band member’s names…

Why did you buy this album?

Again, this one belongs to my wife. Once upon a time, she was given a copy of Blur’s third album, ‘Parklife‘, by a classmate, and fell in love with it. She then went and bought their next album, ‘The Great Escape‘, when it was released, and eventually, following the same classmate’s recommendation that she do so, bought ‘Modern Life…‘, as he claimed it was better than ‘Parklife‘.

He was not wrong.

Although she initially disagreed, she kept listening to it, and one day had an epiphany…

For my part, this was another album I remember seeing in shops at the time. It was around this time I started buying CDs (think I got my first personal CD player for Christmas in this year), so I was listening to The Cranberries. Blur had another good album cover, and a couple of decent singles on Radio 1, but otherwise hadn’t really crossed my path in any big way yet.

What’s it like?

After the somewhat lacklustre ‘Leisure‘, this is more like the Blur we’ve know and love. The post-Madchester baggy sound of ‘There’s No Other Way‘ and ‘She’s So High‘ are gone, and replaced by a more 60s-guitar-band inspired sound; certainly The Kinks and The Small Faces are influences.

There’s a greater range of styles than ‘Leisure‘ too. Amongst the guitar-pop, there’s a bit of punk, a bit of psych-rock, and a bit of vaudeville for good measure.

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

This is my favourite of the early Blur albums. There’s not a bad track on the album, and the variety of styles and songs really works in its favour. Although I came to hear it reasonably late, it still stands up as a great collection of songs, and unlike ‘Leisure‘, it doesn’t age.

Any stand-out tracks?

I seem to have a fondness for opening tracks, as ‘For Tomorrow‘ is clearly the best song on here. Notable mentions also got to ‘Pressure on Julian‘, ‘Oily Water‘, and ‘Sunday Sunday‘.

Rating out of 10?


Next up: Blur – Parklife


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