66. Cellarscape – Copilot

Cellarscape - Copilot

66. Cellarscape – Copilot (2006)

1. Pulse
2. Static
3. Repeat, Erase, Unite
4. In Your Own Way
5. Wearing Masks

Who is/are Cellarscape?

No Wikipedia page for Cellarscape, yet, so I head to the “Music” page of paulterryprojects.com, and find “Cellarscape is Paul’s solo project, combining vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, string sections, and homemade beats.”

Why did you buy this album?

Way, way back when I first joined Twitter, I went looking for people I knew in order to follow them. I managed to find a couple of former schoolmates, including a certain Paul Terry. Since leaving school, he’s been pretty busy, and, amongst other things, he’d recorded a number of records under the name Cellarscape.

Not one to pass up the opportunity of new music, and looking to show support for an old acquaintance, I bought the two EPs and album available at the time, including this one.

What’s it like?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m fairly terrible at critical listening, and pigeon-holing artists/albums into genres. This is especially the case when the artist in question is someone I know…

However, I’d describe this EP as intelligent, acoustic-led alt-rock, but even that doesn’t do it justice.

(Paul, if you’re reading this, get in touch and let me know how you’d describe your music!)

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

I didn’t listen to ‘Copilot‘ much when I first got it, as I also had ‘Fifth Phoenix‘ and ‘Animation, Suspension‘ to take in, with the latter taking up the bulk of my time then.

Revisiting ‘Copilot‘, and listening to it exclusively for a while, I realised I’d missed quite a bit! It’s genuinely great, and a really good starting point for any artist to aspire to. If Cellarscape had only released this EP so far, I’d be quite happy, but he’s gone on to bigger and better music, as we shall soon see…

Any stand-out tracks?

Although all tracks are good, ‘Repeat, Erase, Unite‘ is a clear favourite, so much so that I end up listening to it two or three times in the course of playing the record.

Rating out of 10?


Next up: Cellarscape – Fifth Phoenix


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