Why drive?

Like a large number of people, I have to drive to get to work. I live in Salford, and work in South Manchester, and any public transport route would involve a number of changes, and/or traveling into Central Manchester and out again, or on a really, really indirect bus route during rush hour.

So I drive.

A car, yesterday

Learning to drive was part of a deal with Becky. I learned to drive, she did her ABRSM Grade 5 Theory of Music exam. I’ve been driving for 8 years, she has yet to learn the bass clef. But that’s another story…

At times, I enjoy driving. When the traffic is clear, the sun is shining, and I have some good music in the CD player, it can be quite a pleasure.

Unfortunately, this a rare occasion.

Usually, I experience several things that, uh, drive me up the wall, including, but not limited to;

  • Audi / BMW / Mercedes / VW / Lexus drivers tailgating
  • Audi / BMW / Mercedes / VW / Lexus drivers with headlights on in broad daylight
  • Audi / BMW / Mercedes / VW / Lexus drivers changing lanes on the motorway without signalling
  • Audi / BMW / Mercedes / VW / Lexus drivers not signalling on roundabouts
  • Other drivers sat at 50mph in the middle lane of the motorway
  • Cyclists running red lights
  • Cyclists turning right immediately in front of me, without signalling
  • 4x4s

You get the idea.

When I see any of these things, the red mist descends. While I’m not one for confrontations, in the car, I become a screaming ball of rage. I assume that these reckless drivers have at least had the same driving lesson structure as I did, have looked at the same Highway Code as I did, and have the same basic devices (indicators, speedometer, lights that turn off…) as I do, but choose not to remember, adhere to or use them respectively.

I’m not bothered by being held up; I’m very rarely in such a hurry to get anywhere. I’m more concerned with the danger these drivers are putting themselves and others in.

Oh, and me.

So, if you’re an Audi / BMW / Mercedes / VW / Lexus driver, and you come across a navy blue Ford Focus on the road, like the one above, please bear this in mind. I’m only concerned for your welfare.