Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – The Script

Or, at least, how my colleague Phil thinks it should go…


SUPERMAN: (Calls out) “Father.”

JOR-EL: (Appearing from the mist) “My Son.”

SUPERMAN: “I am filled with a great sorrow. In my battle with Zod, many innocents were killed. How can I make amends for this?”

[Jor-el takes a small red bundle from a compartment in his armour ]

JOR-EL: “These are the trunks of penitence. You must wear them to cover your shame.”

SUPERMAN: “I shall wear them – always.”

[Jor-el begins to fade back into the mist.]

 SUPERMAN: “Oh, father.”

 [Jor-el fades back in, slightly annoyed.]

 JOR-EL: “Yes?”

 SUPERMAN: “I have encountered a human called Batman.”

 JOR-EL: “Dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner…”

 SUPERMAN: “Yes, That’s him. He’s really pissed off about the innocents… and the mess and everything. I don’t think the trunks will be enough to appease him.”

 [Jor-el takes a small rectangular object from another compartment in his armour; a plastic DVD case. He hands it to his son.]

 JOR-EL: “If he troubles you again, show him this so that he too will know the meaning of shame.”

 SUPERMAN: “But father, who is ‘Daredevil’?”

 JOR-EL: “Sorry son, got a flood to deal with.” (Dissolves into the mist).


Even money this is better than the finished article, especially if Man of Steel was anything to go by…