Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – The Script

Or, at least, how my colleague Phil thinks it should go…


SUPERMAN: (Calls out) “Father.”

JOR-EL: (Appearing from the mist) “My Son.”

SUPERMAN: “I am filled with a great sorrow. In my battle with Zod, many innocents were killed. How can I make amends for this?”

[Jor-el takes a small red bundle from a compartment in his armour ]

JOR-EL: “These are the trunks of penitence. You must wear them to cover your shame.”

SUPERMAN: “I shall wear them – always.”

[Jor-el begins to fade back into the mist.]

 SUPERMAN: “Oh, father.”

 [Jor-el fades back in, slightly annoyed.]

 JOR-EL: “Yes?”

 SUPERMAN: “I have encountered a human called Batman.”

 JOR-EL: “Dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner…”

 SUPERMAN: “Yes, That’s him. He’s really pissed off about the innocents… and the mess and everything. I don’t think the trunks will be enough to appease him.”

 [Jor-el takes a small rectangular object from another compartment in his armour; a plastic DVD case. He hands it to his son.]

 JOR-EL: “If he troubles you again, show him this so that he too will know the meaning of shame.”

 SUPERMAN: “But father, who is ‘Daredevil’?”

 JOR-EL: “Sorry son, got a flood to deal with.” (Dissolves into the mist).


Even money this is better than the finished article, especially if Man of Steel was anything to go by…


What’s with all the albums?

Those of you that follow me on Twitter may have noticed a daily tweet listing some seemingly random album titles. As I’ve been doing that for a while, I thought it was about time that I explained the idea behind it.

At work, we are fortunate enough to be allowed to have music on in the office, providing it’s not too loud, sweary, or death metally. Over time, we’ve worked out a system whereby we listen to the radio in the morning, and stream albums in the afternoon. From opening time till 1, we have BBC 6 Music on, but when Lauren Laverne finishes, it’s over to We7

For those of you unaware of We7, it’s a streaming service similar to Spotify, but without the need to install any software as it runs in your browser. For a small monthly subscription, we have access to thousands of albums that we can listen to in the office, or, as it’s my account, at home.

As such, way back in the mists of time, we decided that it would be a good idea to take full advantage of this and listen to as many complete discographies of as many artists / bands as possible, and share what we were listening to with our Twitter followers. We chose bands we knew well, some we liked but hadn’t really heard much of, and others that we really should listen to given their status. An early list can be found on our work blog, and includes The Temptations, Neil Diamond, Extreme, Simply Red, Miles Davis, and Alice Cooper.

Our current artist list looks like this;

Ozric Tentacles
The Black Crowes
Meat Loaf
Billy Joel
Graham Coxon
The Flaming Lips
Charles Mingus
Pearl Jam
The Doors
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Iron & Wine
Deep Purple
The Civil Wars

We also have a “pending” list of artists, so that when we finish one discography, we can replace it with another.

Now, when I first posted the listening to our work Twitter account through Tweetdeck, I accidentally also posted it to my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. The response was largely positive, so I’ve kept doing it! I’ve been told that people like reading what we’re listening to, and I like sharing it, so I’ll keep posting it, until I hear otherwise. Similarly, if you’ve got suggestions as to who we should listen to, please let me know!

So there you go. If you follow me on Twitter, or if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’re treated to what we’re listening to in the office, all down to me forgetting to uncheck a couple of boxes on Tweetdeck three years ago…