69. Cellarscape – A Theta/Delta Union

Cellarscape - A Theta Delta Union

69. Cellarscape – A Theta/Delta Union (2011)

1. This Is A Shelter
2. Snowglobe
3. Three Years of Roses
4. Always Unspoken
5. Hiding In Plain Sight

Who is/are Cellarscape?

We’ve gone the usual routes, so let’s go to the album notes for this one; “Cellarscape is Paul Terry: Lead + Backing Vocals, Guitars, Samples, Loops, Percussion + Drums”.

Why did you buy this album?

I’d already bought, and enjoyed, Cellarscape’s first three releases, so getting the next was a no-brainer.

What’s it like?

Again, Paul adds to his sound with each release. This mini-album / EP adds more lush sounding strings, skittery loops and samples, and a bigger overall sound.

Credit must also go to Paul’s collaborators on this (and previous) releases; bassist and photographer Niki Jones, producer and pianist James Bellamy (both former schoolmates too), and violinist extraordinaire Carole Carpenter.

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

This is a terrific little album. I remember listening to it fairly intensely first time round, and enjoying it, but this time round I’ve found it to be better than I remember.u

It covers all the bases from lush progressive orchestrated epics to intimate acoustic moments in merely 5 tracks. No easy feat, but it’s pulled off with aplomb by PT and co.

Any stand-out tracks?

Hard to choose one, as they are all terrific. Though, as I’m forcing myself to, I’d go for either ‘Snowglobe‘ or ‘Three Years of Roses‘.

Rating out of 10?


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68. Cellarscape – Animation, Suspension

Cellarscape - Animation, Suspension

68. Cellarscape – Animation, Suspension (2009)

1. Crawlspace
2. Target Acquired
3. Gravity
4. The Creek
5. Bled Out
6. Patience & Zara
7. You Got The Girl
8. Punchlines
9. Shadowfight
10. The Blessing Way
11. Treading Water
12. Where Vanishing Points Dissolve
13. December Moon
14. Minor Fractures
15. Little Wisdom

Who is/are Cellarscape?

To Facebook!



However, worth the visit to the Facebook page for the videos alone…

Why did you buy this album?

This was the full-length album included with my first bundle purchase, along with ‘Copilot‘ and ‘Fifth Phoenix‘.

What’s it like?

This is the album that steps up the sound from the previous two EPs, expands it with more instrumentation, and more complex arrangements, but still keeps the intimacy and overall feel already established.

It’s also 10 tracks longer than each of the EPs. This is not a bad thing…

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

There is a reason I spent so long listening to this album over the EPs when they first arrived. It is genuinely great.

On these listens through (because I couldn’t just have this on once and done), I’ve heard things I didn’t the first time round, and gained a new appreciation for songs that may have somehow passed me by earlier.

Any stand-out tracks?

The opening trio of ‘Crawlspace‘, ‘Target Acquired‘ and ‘Gravity‘ are fantastic, with ‘You Got The Girl‘, ‘Shadowfight‘ and ‘Treading Water‘ also being favourites of mine.

Rating out of 10?


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67. Cellarscape – Fifth Phoenix

Cellarscape - Fifth Phoenix

67. Cellarscape – Fifth Phoenix (2007)

1. A Brief Time of Bullets
2. Kerosene
3. Transition Sickness
4. Lack of Evidence
5. Curse Included

Who is/are Cellarscape?

Over to Twitter for this one, @Cellarscape; “Music maker as Cellarscape | Composer @SidneyKenyaFilm @EmilyTheFilm | Co-producer @colonyusa podcast | Co-author @boomstudios‘ #BigTroubleInLittleChina books”.

Mr. Terry is a busy man.

Why did you buy this album?

As I mentioned in my review of ‘Copilot‘, Cellarscape is Paul Terry, who is an old schoolmate of mine. After getting back in touch through social media, I bought his first three releases, the EPs/mini-albums ‘Copilot‘ and ‘Fifth Phoenix‘, and full-length album ‘Animation, Suspension‘.

What’s it like?

This is a natural development of the Cellarscape sound, adding drums and strings to the acoustic rock of ‘Copilot‘.

Most of the time, when more instruments are added, the sound changes drastically, but this mini-album avoids that, with the new tones complimenting the existing acoustic-led material.

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

As with ‘Copilot‘, ‘Fifth Phoenix‘ was given short shrift when I first got it, with my listening taken up with the full-length album ‘Animation, Suspension‘ instead. Listening to it repeatedly now, especially straight after its predecessor, I definitely like it more than I first did, and get more out of it with each listen.

Any stand-out tracks?

Kerosene‘ and ‘Curse Included‘ make me prick my ears up each time, without fail.

Rating out of 10?

Another solid 8/10.

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66. Cellarscape – Copilot

Cellarscape - Copilot

66. Cellarscape – Copilot (2006)

1. Pulse
2. Static
3. Repeat, Erase, Unite
4. In Your Own Way
5. Wearing Masks

Who is/are Cellarscape?

No Wikipedia page for Cellarscape, yet, so I head to the “Music” page of paulterryprojects.com, and find “Cellarscape is Paul’s solo project, combining vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, string sections, and homemade beats.”

Why did you buy this album?

Way, way back when I first joined Twitter, I went looking for people I knew in order to follow them. I managed to find a couple of former schoolmates, including a certain Paul Terry. Since leaving school, he’s been pretty busy, and, amongst other things, he’d recorded a number of records under the name Cellarscape.

Not one to pass up the opportunity of new music, and looking to show support for an old acquaintance, I bought the two EPs and album available at the time, including this one.

What’s it like?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m fairly terrible at critical listening, and pigeon-holing artists/albums into genres. This is especially the case when the artist in question is someone I know…

However, I’d describe this EP as intelligent, acoustic-led alt-rock, but even that doesn’t do it justice.

(Paul, if you’re reading this, get in touch and let me know how you’d describe your music!)

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

I didn’t listen to ‘Copilot‘ much when I first got it, as I also had ‘Fifth Phoenix‘ and ‘Animation, Suspension‘ to take in, with the latter taking up the bulk of my time then.

Revisiting ‘Copilot‘, and listening to it exclusively for a while, I realised I’d missed quite a bit! It’s genuinely great, and a really good starting point for any artist to aspire to. If Cellarscape had only released this EP so far, I’d be quite happy, but he’s gone on to bigger and better music, as we shall soon see…

Any stand-out tracks?

Although all tracks are good, ‘Repeat, Erase, Unite‘ is a clear favourite, so much so that I end up listening to it two or three times in the course of playing the record.

Rating out of 10?


Next up: Cellarscape – Fifth Phoenix

65. Kate Bush – The Red Shoes

Kate Bush - The Red Shoes

65. Kate Bush – The Red Shoes (1993)

1. Rubberband Girl
2. And So Is Love
3. Eat the Music
4. Moments of Pleasure
5. The Song of Solomon
6. Lily
7. The Red Shoes
8. Top of the City
9. Constellation of the Heart
10. Big Stripey Lie
11. Why Should I Love You?
12. You’re the One

Who is/are Kate Bush?

To Twitter, and @KateBushMusic; “There is no other recording artist in the world today quite like Kate Bush – Musician, Vocalist, Songwriter & Record Producer”.

Fair enough.

Why did you buy this album?

This was another birthday or Christmas present I bought for my wife. She has good taste*.

What’s it like?

It’s a more commercial sounding album than ‘Hounds of Love‘, with less prog elements.

I think…

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

I want to. The problem is, immediately after listening to it, I’ve forgotten it.

I do enjoy listening to it, but once it’s finished, I struggle to recall anything special about it. The songs are generally good, although, apart from a couple of exceptions, don’t really hang around in my head for any length of time afterwards.

Any stand-out tracks?

Of the few I can recall after listening,  ‘Lily‘ always makes me stop what I’m doing and pay attention, and, again, an opening track wins a mention, in this case ‘Rubberband Girl‘.

A notable mention also goes to ‘Why Should I Love You?‘, which I always thought sounded like a Prince B-side. Lo and behold, in the personnel listing for that track; “Prince: keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals, arranger.”

Rating out of 10?


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64. Kate Bush – Hounds of Love

Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love

64. Kate Bush – Hounds of Love (1985)

1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)
2. Hounds of Love
3. The Big Sky
4. Mother Stands for Comfort
5. Cloudbusting
6. And Dream of Sheep
7. Under Ice
8. Waking the Witch
9. Watching You Without Me
10. Jig of Life
11. Hello Earth
12. The Morning Fog

Who is/are Kate Bush?

Wikipedia tells us Kate Bush “is an English singer-songwriter, musician and record producer”.

She’s also from the same town that I grew up in…

Why did you buy this album?

This album was on my wife’s Amazon wishlist. Seemed like a good choice, so I bought it for a birthday or Christmas present, we forget which!

What’s it like?

Confusing. In a good way.

I’ve always found it hard to categorise Kate Bush; she’s too progressive to be straight pop, yet too pop to be fully prog. Prog-pop seems a fair compromise, but then there’s songs like those on the second half of this album that really defy description.

Essentially, Kate Bush is her own genre…

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

I’ve heard this album a few times prior to listening to it for this blog, and it’s always just washed over me, mostly because I’ve been listening to it as music in the background, rather than concentrating on it.

Now, however, given the chance to actually listen to it, I’ve loved nearly every minute of it. (Utah Saints have somewhat tarnished the otherwise brilliant ‘Cloudbusting‘, so thanks for that…)

Any stand-out tracks?

The afore-mentioned ‘Cloudbusting’ is up there, along with ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)’ which I first owned on a Q magazine covermount cassette…

There’s also ‘The Big Sky’, which reminds me of Peter Gabriel for some strange reason, and from the 6 song suite ‘The Ninth Wave‘, ‘Jig of Life‘ always stands out for me.

Rating out of 10?

9/10. Would have been 10 if the Utah Saints hadn’t used ‘Cloudbusting‘ so successfully.

Next up: Kate Bush – The Red Shoes

63. Jeff Buckley – Mystery White Boy

Jeff Buckley - Mystery White Boy

63. Jeff Buckley – Mystery White Boy (2000)

1. Dream Brother
2. I Woke Up in a Strange Place
3. Mojo Pin
4. Lilac Wine
5. What Will You Say
6. Last Goodbye
7. Eternal Life
8. Grace
9. Moodswing Whiskey
10. The Man that Got Away
11. Kanga-Roo
12. Hallelujah / I Know It’s Over (medley)

Who is/are Jeff Buckley?

To his verified Facebook page; “Musician/Band”.


Why did you buy this album?

Having already bought ‘Grace‘ on MiniDisc, I was pleasantly surprised when this album was released in 2000, especially as in some places it was bundled with the original ‘Live at Sin-é‘ EP. I bought this box set on one of my frequent trips to Manchester’s big HMV store; I was a music student, so the purchase was justified…

What’s it like?

Unlike ‘Live at Sin-é‘, which was recorded in one venue over a couple of nights, ‘Mystery White Boy‘ is a compilation of live recordings made over a period of a year during the tour to promote ‘Grace‘, in venues in Germany, Australia, France, and the US. As such, it shows how good Buckley and his live band were at the time, but doesn’t quite gel as well as a single recorded gig might have.

It’s mostly made up of tracks from ‘Grace‘, some slightly reworked to be performed live, with three new originals, and a couple of covers. Some work, others not so much…

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

It’s okay…

While it’s good to listen to Jeff Buckley live with a band, some of the recordings aren’t perfect, and the compilation approach to the album means that the performance doesn’t quite flow as well as an unbroken set might.

Oh, and the re-worked version of ‘Eternal Life‘ on this album is also nowhere near as good the previous version on ‘Live at Sin-é‘ and ‘Grace‘.

Any stand-out tracks?

Dream Brother‘ and ‘Last Goodbye‘, both recorded on the European leg of the tour, are my personal favourites, with ‘Grace‘ from an Australian show also worthy of note.

Rating out of 10?


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