46. Björk – Post

Björk - Post

46. Björk – Post (1995)

1. Army of Me
2. Hyperballad
3. The Modern Things
4. It’s Oh So Quiet
5. Enjoy
6. You’ve Been Flirting Again
7. Isobel
8. Possibly Maybe
9. I Miss You
10. Cover Me
11. Headphones

Who is/are Björk?

To Twitter (@bjork)!

No bio. You know who she is, she has only one name and a big blue tick…

Why did you buy this album?

It was 50p on a Rotary Club market stall, along with ‘Debut‘ and Florence + the Machine’s ‘Lungs‘, and I had £1.50 in change…

What’s it like?

After the mostly 90s-dance/pop-like ‘Debut‘, this is a more diverse collection of songs, keeping the EDM, but adding some jazz, industrial and experimental sounds to the mix.

After listening to it now, do you (still) like this album?

It’s okay. I seem to remember liking this a lot more previously, but I’m probably listening with different ears now. I can’t say it’s one I’d put on a loop (again), but I’m glad I own it, and I’ll go back to it.

Any stand-out tracks?

There’s the obvious ‘It’s Oh So Quiet‘, which sticks out like a sore thumb from somebody else’s hand.

My favourites are the opening two; ‘Army of Me‘, and ‘Hyperballad‘.

Rating out of 10?


Next up: Blur – Leisure


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